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Book Store Owner



We are fostering growth on both ends of the commerce spectrum. With PunchPie, individuals can save money by earning rewards at all their favorite locations through the mobile app. On the other hand, PunchPie empowers SMBs (like the book store owner on the left) to attract and retain customers via personalized loyalty programs.

We started with the radical idea to replace physical punch cards with digitized versions. Today, we offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for both individuals and businesses to save money.

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Co-Founder & CEO, 19 years-old

"My hope is for PunchPie to help build stronger connections between businesses and their customers. I want customers to feel excited over earning rewards from their favorite restaurants, stores, and shops."

ronit randhawa

Working at PunchPie

Our mission is to build stronger relationships between businesses and their customers. Join us and make an impact at a global scale. 

Working at PunchPie
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