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For Merchants

We aim to empower small businesses to effectively reach, reward and track their customers. We understand the key to a successful business is to build and maintain regulars who will patronize the business again and again. And that is where we are working smart to give businesses a simple and powerful mobile marketing platform to building relationships with customers.

For Customers

We know your customers would prefer an accessible way to save at places they eat, relax and play. They want to avoid the hassle of carrying or wasting paper cards or coupons and reach first for their device. We aim to help them redeem rewards anytime, anywhere at their favorite merchant. Even better they can donate the reward to their favorite school, charity or a non-profit.

For Community

We believe a viral network exists between merchants, customers and community organizations. Merchants have loyal customers. Non-profits seek donations. Customers like to contribute to those in need. By partnering together the community as a whole succeeds. Customers visit Merchants. Merchants provide donations. Organizations help foster growth in people and the environment.

PunchPie helps build stronger connections between local merchants, their customers and communities. We want to make it so easy for everyone to participate and ultimately give back.

Sunit Randhawa, Founder & CEO

Our differentiation is in our commitment to you


Entirely tailored to you

We provide complete customization, for any market. Your interaction with customers is in your full control.


Our care extends on and offline

We provide mobile marketing tools, social media integration, and on-site promotional display.


Return on investment

We analyze your performance as much as you do. We will proactively take your performance to the next level.

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