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Our                    is to build stronger relationships between businesses and their customers


Businesses deserve a cost-effective way to improve their customer acquisition. Customers require an effortless way to earn, redeem, and track rewards at all of their favorite restaurants, store, and shops. PunchPie aims to build this bridge with a single solution.

The PunchPie way

Mission first

Our goal is challenging and significant. While at work, we don't participate in social or political activities that has nothing to do with our goal. In order to maintain our focus on advancing the objective, we strive to create an environment at work free from conflict.

Positive energy

We have hope for the future and a strong will to succeed. Instead of choosing to point the finger and criticize, we co-create solutions. At work, we cultivate playful moments and aim to motivate others with our accomplishments.

Efficient execution

We tend to favor taking action. We deliver timely, high-caliber work. We focus on the 20% of work that will get us 80% of the impact.

Clear communication

We speak clearly and briefly. We efficiently share information, enhancing teamwork and productivity. Active listening is something we consistently preach.

Repeatable innovation

We are builders who use technology to make the world better, continually putting ideas into practice rather than just talking about them. We are aware that businesses need to constantly reinvent themselves to avoid becoming stagnant. We place our resources in risky business venture bets because we have a high tolerance for failure.

Customer focused

We have a strong commitment to using technology that will help both individual customers and businesses reach their goals. We want to be the most dependable, secure, and user-friendly platform. We always ask ourselves, "How does this provide greater value for our customers?" before making any decisions.

Continuous learning

We are modest people who prefer learning to being right. We welcome providing and receiving direct criticism and regard each setback as a learning opportunity.

Act like an owner

We assume full accountability for completing the mission. Even when it's not directly our responsibility, we work to enhance every facet of our business.

Top talent

To ensure that there are excellent individuals in every seat, we go above and above. Prior to making an offer, we inquire about each candidate's ability to improve the team's average. We cast a wide net to draw applicants from all backgrounds, emphasizing both ability and culture fit. We develop and coach actively. Unremarkable performance is rewarded with a sizable severance payment.

Championship team

We have high standards for performance and producing results since we are a winning team and family. We decide to concentrate on our shared values rather than our differences since we are stronger as a group. Our workplace culture is intense, and we frequently force ourselves beyond of our comfort zones. We take relaxation seriously in order to increase productivity over time. PunchPie encourages employees to work hard to earn their loyalty to the company and should do the same in return.

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