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The most powerful
marketing program


PunchPie is the first choice for businesses looking to improve their customer acquisition and retention while reducing costs

PunchPie mobile app screen
PunchPie subscriptions
PunchPie mobile app screen

Create a rewards program unique to your business

Replace your punch card with a customizable, digital rewards system that will excite your customers.

Build your own customer database

To collect payments and add each consumer to your database, we work directly with your point of sale (POS) system.

Automatically connect
with customers

Watch your revenue skyrocket when you send the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

How PunchPie helps you

60% of customers don't return after their first visit. Learn how PunchPie can help your business turn that around!

PunchPie business dashboard


Extend your business's reach by offering custom promotions for new customers.

PunchPie retain


Keep customers coming back by creating a powerful rewards program.


Analyze your customer's buying patterns and refine your digital rewards program.

Plans for you

Choose the pricing plan right for your business and start reaching new customers instantly

Dedicated support

Customer usage discount

Monthly plan


<10 locations


2 week free-trial


17% discount & 1 month free-trial

Earn 10% cash back for every 2,500 transactions received at every location for that month


Get started with just an email address


10+ locations


2 week free-trial


20% discount & 1 month free-trial

Earn 10% cash back for every 2,500 transactions received at every location for that month

Review needed

A compliance review and geographical review is required

Yearly plan

Account setup

What our clients are saying

"PunchPie is a full stack customer engagement solution for us. We are able to create shared loyalty programs across all our locations and mobile marketing campaigns such as daily specials, instant live deals, and targeted specials. Our customers have been loving it steadily for the last 9 months and keep coming back for more. They also directly send feedback through the app!"

Beach Hut Deli

Blake M.
Beach Hut Deli

"Everyone wants to take care of their dogs. The problem is life gets in the way.  “I wanted to call a week ago” or “I didn’t have the money”. The list goes on and on. Well here comes an app that sends you reminders, gives discounts, and offers incentives that makes pet care a bit easier. As a groomer, the repeat business is good business. Rewarding our steady customers is a gift on its own!"

Doggie Stylezz

Marral S.
Doggie Stylezz

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