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Lead the                of the commerce market


We’re PunchPie. We’re a trusted, easy-to-use platform serving over 100,000 individuals and 100 businesses in more than 250 cities globally. Come work with us and make an impact at a global scale.

PunchPie Careers

Featured teams

Product & Design

Build products — from big concepts to launch — that drive the PunchPie flywheel. Bring your expertise and distinct viewpoint to help us shape the future.


Prepare for rapid expansion and aid us in delivering quality around the world, whether you're bringing on new organizations or concentrating on individuals.


Identify and resolve broad issues to benefit both businesses and people. Move forward in your hunt for solutions that help SMBs around the world.

ronit randhawa
"At PunchPie, we ensure our employees are putting themselves before their work. A good life at home means a good life at work."

Ronit Randhawa, Co-Founder & CEO

Health & Wellness

Empowerment starts at home

Top-notch benefits enable you to feel as rewarded in your personal life as you do at work. Available at every location, in every country.

Premium medical, dental, and vision insurance plans, including fertility coverage. Monthly gym and wellness reimbursement.


Competitive salary with quarterly performance reviews. Meaningful equity opportunities with quarterly vesting.

Time for yourself

Flexible vacation and sick days for salaried and hourly team members. Paid Parental leave to support our PunchPie families.

Flexible work support

At-home office equipment while working from home. Enjoy your favorite lunch with us while working in one of our offices.

Belonging at PunchPie:
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our company's success is firmly built in our inclusive culture and the advancement of diversity to guarantee that we accurately represent the diverse audiences we serve. We achieve better results when all of our staff feel encouraged and at home. This is one of the reasons we include our strategy for diversity, equity, and inclusion into how we expand our company.

See yourself here

We are paying attention to recruitment for underrepresented groups in order to establish a workforce that reflects the diversity of our global society. Our demographic data indicates annual progress, but there is still work to be done.

Empowering equal outcomes

Life doesn't start off for each of us at the same place. That's why PunchPie is making an effort to level the playing field through internal initiatives including reinforcing fair pay across the board and focusing career accelerators on underrepresented groups.

Making room for you

Inclusion is so much more than “I invited you to the meeting.” Discover the tools we've created to promote a culture where your ideas, your contributions, and your entire self are recognized and respected.

Interviewing at PunchPie

Working at PunchPie is no small feat, and getting in the door can be challenging. Having the technical and functional skills and experience to deliver results are critical (“the what”). We also want to make sure candidates can thrive in our environment (“the how”). 

We work incredibly hard at PunchPie — for most of us, PunchPie is the most intense place we’ve ever worked. That intensity is only magnified by the sheer demand of our service, and it often results in long days and long weeks. Working at PunchPie can be both intense and incredibly rewarding. We look for candidates who look at this as an incredible opportunity for adventure - not a hindrance.

We use an interview-based approach which usually takes 2-4 weeks, and while there are some nuances, generally we follow this flow:

1) Application received 

Once you apply, a recruiter will review your application to determine if there’s a match.

3) Rounds of interviews

As you continue, expect several rounds of interviews with hiring managers, teammates, and cross-functional partners.

2) Skill evaluation

Next, you’ll either hear directly from the recruiter or you’ll be screened for technical skill.

4) Work trial assignment

Lastly, in some cases you may be asked to complete a work trial assignment.

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