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customer retention


PunchPie offers an all-in-one marketing solution for businesses to grow their reach and increase their customer retention

PunchPie business dashboard
PunchPie business dashboard
PunchPie business dashboard

How it works

Fast setup

Get started with our self-managed-product within minutes.

Customize your plans

Create rewards programs, promotions, and discounts unique to your business.

Get the word out

Encourage your customers to download the app and start earning rewards.

Refine your strategy

Analyze their buying trends and improve your customer retention techniques.

Set up automated rewards, promotions, and discounts

We work with your business to design a digital rewards program that rewards customers with points and incentives. Then we create a set of automated advertisements to greet new clients, commemorate their birthdays, and entice clients who haven't visited in a while to return.

Our automatic campaigns are 10X more effective

Our AutoPilot feature automatically sends your customers an app notification, a text message, or an email with exclusive offers that encourage them to return 10x more often than with other marketing tools.


more effective than traditional marketing





Customers easily sign up with their phone number

Customers can register in-person or through our mobile app, allowing you to gather accurate customer information over time without affecting the speed of your line.

Send special offers that can increase customer visits by over 70%

You can design unique promos using our promotions tool directed towards all customers, new customers, and other particular groups. A particular event or sale can be highlighted well with one-time promotions.

Customers will love their personalized promotions and your results will show it

Your PunchPie Dashboard will keep track of each time a consumer registers, checks in, or redeems a reward. Watch how your promotions and AutoPilot combine to attract back customers more quickly.

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